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The market is catching fire! Yes, we’re quoting the Hunger Games.

We’re like Katniss Everdeen taking over the Capital, picture us on a chariot with flames trailing behind us…


We’re catching fire, one new home at a time!

Okay, that might not be the best analogy but let’s get serious. Let’s talk about the facts. Let’s get to the stuff that doesn’t lie!

Did you see the major shout out to CBH Homes in the Idaho Business Review? It’s not every day we get such a highlight on much things are growing. If you have an account, you can read the article here.

For those of you who missed it, we wanted to do a recap with some other highlights that are raising the temperature:

untitled-infographic (5)

What does all this mean?

Trey Langford, founder of Build Idaho, says it right, “(Corey Barton) He’s a pretty smart guy.”

Being the number 1 builder in Idaho, we’re growing at a ferocious rate. We’re pulling permits like mad people, and the number of move-in-ready homes dwindling. With prices increasing, NOW is the time to buy.

It’s time to take the Fast Track route, make the investment of your life, and say, ‘Welcome Home’ to your very own shiny, new, awesome CBH home.


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