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5 Reasons we LOVE the City of Meridian!


We love Meridian, Idaho.

Our main office resides here.

We have over 15 communities open and selling in Meridian. Check them out here!

There are so many reasons to LOVE Meridian and we’re not the only ones saying it:

Family Circle Magazine – “Ten best towns for families”.

Money Magazine – “Best place to live”.

Mayor Tammy de Weerd points out some pretty amazing things in her ‘Welcome to Meridian‘ video:WATCH IT HERE

Last Wednesday, we had the pleasure to attend the Mayor’s Meridian State of the City and let us tell you… we LOVE what we heard.

To recap the 5 key strategic focus areas that we’re excited about: 
  1. Meridian School District – Did you know 44% of West Ada School District are in Meridian? Meridian wants to continue providing an excellent education to it’s ever growing population.
  2. Economic Vibrancy – It’s going down FOR REAL in Meridian. The list is long, but we have to give some shout outs to the big dogs:
    • SCENTSY – Who doesn’t love the flameless candles that bring joy to your senses? Born and raised in Meridian, we’re now blessed with the BEAUTIFUL “campus”, that’s still growing with a $10 million expansion. All we can say, “#BOOM”. They were honored with the Legacy Award and they deserve it! Read more about the award here. Side note – you’re making moves if you have an eCard: Scentsy
    • 49 New Business Ribbon Cuttings in 2015. You know what that means; jobs, jobs and MORE JOBS for the Meridian economy. 1,044 new jobs from 2014 to 2015 to be exact. We’re not mad, keep them coming.
  3. Responsive Government – When Mayor Tammy mentioned 66% time saving for licensing and reduced fees – we were too stoked to hear much else. Seriously awesome.
  4. Safe, Healthy, Secure – Body-worn cameras for the police, Fire Department Bike Medic, #DotheRight Day, all sounds pretty spectacular. Sign us up!
  5. Arts, Culture, Recreation – This may have been our favorite section… First, Roaring Springs is opening an Indoor Adventure Park. Need we say more? We’re counting down the days. Not to mention a new park for our furry friends, 10 more miles of pathways, and an indoor sports space. Meridian, what more do we need?

Needless to say, the state of the city of Meridian is Number 1. There’s a reason that this city is booming and it’s not too much of a secret anymore. It’s gaining velocity and we couldn’t be more excited. We’re right there with you Mayor, Meridian is on to great things.

A huge THANK YOU to Mayor Tammy de Weerd for all that she has done for the City of Meridian. We love you!


Want more nitty gritty details from the State of the City Mayor’s address? Meridian Press has more highlights here.

When looking for your next city to live in, Meridian is an easy choice! We can help you call this great place home. Visit to learn more!