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The new instant reality TV.

Ever want to be a news broadcaster? How about a reality TV star? Now you can.

Say hello to Periscope. No not the submarine looky thingy – the really cool app that allows you to be your own new anchor.

PeriscopeWhat’s Periscope? A new form of social media. Link it up with your Twitter account and you’ll be on your way to either watch or be your own director. Why we love it:

  • Comment on live broadcasts
  • Send hearts on clips you love
  • Missed a live showing? The video broadcasts for about 24 hours so you still have a chance to catch it!

Capture, share moments, and broadcast whatever you want to whomever you want instantly through your phone! Yes, you can also stalk all your favorite peeps and see what they’re doing! Some of our faves – Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk and Randy Gage.

What do they broadcast?

Tony – gave us a peak at him before he walks out on stage.

Gary – #AskGaryVee answers questions on success, competition, employees, etc.

Randy – helps us make smart decisions with his Prosperity Scope!

Periscope 1

Or you can watch any random user live – other things we’ve seen, a cat playing fetch, how to make a healthy yet hearty breakfast, and MUCH more!

What do we broadcast?! Anything and everything! We’ve done floor plan tours, design studio dance parties, New Home Orientations, checkout some of our previous Periscopes:

North Canyon Ribbon Cutting

NC Ribbon Cut

Tour of CBH’s Tour de Coup Chicken Coup

New Home Orientation with Casey Wittenborn

What will you Periscope?

Be sure to follow us and catch us in action…