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Buying your shiny, new, awesome home just got easier with new tips & tricks.


Whether you have already signed on the dotted line, or you’re shopping the CBH Homes website for your dream home, these TIPS & TRICKS are ones you don’t want to miss over the next few months.

It may seem like you’ve already made so many decisions in the home buying process, but now is not the time to miss a beat. Buying a home is a very interactive process from touring homes, picking out your selections, finalizing up details with your lender, then packing up your boxes.

We’re here to share some of the most influential points to keep in mind before your close on your loan so there are no surprises.

  1. Respond PROMPTLY to all emails and correspondence from your sales specialist, lender, and other CBH team members throughout the process, including signed and requested documents.
  2. Make decisions as soon a reasonably possible.
  3. Let us know of any questions you have as they develop. We LOVE questions!
  4. Continue to make all your rent or mortgage payments on time.
  5. Stay current on payments to all existing accounts.
  6. Continue to WORK a normal work schedule with no unplanned time off.
  7. Be prepared to explain any large deposits into your bank accounts.
  8. Save major purchases (car, boat, diamond ring, furniture, appliances, etc.) until after you close.
  9. Hold off on applying for any new credit cards or accounts.
  10. Unless your lender directs you to, avoid paying off large collections or charges in one lump sum.
  11. Keep your current bank accounts.
  12. Avoid moving money from accounts or make unusual deposits without discussing with your lender

These simple steps will keep your loan and CBH Homes buying process smooth, spotless, and hassle-free. Just think of the shopping spree you can have once you open your shiny, new, awesome front door for the first time and celebrate with the ones you love!

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