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>The Bridge loves working with CBH HOMES!

>On June 29th I closed on two brand new CBH Homes. Let me explain. These homes aren’t for me personally. I run a non-profit program called The Bridge here in Boise, ID. We’re a program of one of Idaho’s oldest charities, the Children’s Home Society of Idaho. The Bridge is a multi-phase program. Our first phase entails the education, recruitment, and retention of foster parents. We started this in March of 2004. Now, we’ve moved into Phase II – our residential program.

Phase II of The Bridge enables foster parents to apply for the opportunity to live rent free for up to three years in exchange for caring for children in foster care. So, when we received a large donation from a local foundation, we went house shopping. Here’s what we knew….we needed large, well-built, centrally located properties, and a home building team that would work with us closely to meet these needs. And, we needed a great deal on the properties. I realize that our requirements were numerous and, as such, I also realized that there weren’t many home builders in our area that could be flexible enough to accommodate our needs.

After meeting with CBH Homes twice, we had two homes identified for purchase, prices negotiated, and some upgrades to our homes identified. Believe it or not, in five weeks everything was completed and we closed on our two new Bridge Homes. In addition, CBH went back to some of their vendors and subcontractors to provide upgrades so the children living in these homes would have a great start at a better life.

Like any home buyer would do, we had home inspections on both of our properties. Suffice it to say, there was nothing that needed fixing. We are confidnet that these homes are SOLID and will hold up to children!!!

As Program Director of The Bridge, I can’t thank Corey, Ronda, and Holly and all of the professional staff at CBH Homes enough. My experience in working with them has been excellent. I highly recommend CBH to anyone interested in buying a new home.