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>Big. Cheap. Irresistible.

>Who knew we would cause such a ruckus with our choice of words for our new home collection – Spartan?

They are big in size and we felt like the price was great and we at CBH fully realize that today’s market is all about the price…a deal, a promo. We wanted to come right out and say it loud and clear: we offer a great home at a great (CHEAP!) price. We could have danced around it with marketing buzz words like affordable, value or inexpensive, but those don’t have near the impact as “cheap”.

So to all those people out there that are offended by our use of “cheap,” pay no mind to our choice of words. Instead, come look at our new series and see for yourself. We offer an irresistible, big home at a great price. Or dare I say “cheap,” price?