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>Square One

>Today is February 5th, 2008 and we are in the process of swapping out our signs that read Sales Centers to signs that read Square 1. The phrase Square One peaked my interest so I decided to look it up on

square one
a starting point; initial stage or step: If this plan fails, we’ll have to go back to square one.
[Origin, alluding to board games in which a player is penalized by being forced to return to the starting point]

square one
the situation in which you begin an endeavor and to which you return if your efforts fail; “the police are now back at square one after having arrested and released 27 men”; “she has tried to diet but always ends up back at square one”

square one
The starting point.
[Alluding to board games with numbered squares in which a penalized player may have to return to the starting point.]
Although square one may elude to a board game in which a penalized player may have to return to the starting point, I promise that at CBH Homes we wont penalize you! Since buying a home is the object of the game, I will do whatever it takes to give you the opportunity to beat the game on your first visit! I do not have any get out of jail free cards but I am sure that CBH Home loans could find you some get into a home quick cards! All kidding aside, the next time you or your friends and family go looking for new homes, remember that you should always start at square one!

Chase Craig
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