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>Community Donates

>It’s Saturday morning February 2, 2008 and I’ve been thinking about the family that just lost their mother in a car accident this past week in Boise. I pass by their home everyday when I go to work and now when I drive by I can only hope the husband, kids and new born baby are hanging on.

While in my office earlier this week, which happens to be in the community where the family lives, I had a neighbor walk in and ask if I would like to donate some money to the family to help with extra expenses.

I thought to myself, “why not ask the entire company of CBH Homes if they can donate some money?” I mentioned to the kind neighbor I would have some money for the family by the end of the week, I just needed to make a few phone calls.

To my surprise I received an email later that afternoon from another individual that was concerned for the family. This individual also wanted to know if CBH Homes could do something to help the family.

And thanks to the help of CBH Homes, Pioneer Title and lots of very generous community members, we ended up raising $2,154 for the Stoch family. I appreciate the kind neighbor who approached me in my office and the concerned parent for emailing CBH Homes and asking for help! Your generosity has gone a long way.

Thanks so much for all your help!

Calie Rasmussen