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>My Favorite Question…

>My Favorite Question…

I love when you run into someone and they ask you where you work! I respond very proudly, CBH Homes! The typical next question is, what do you do there? I take in a deep breath before I start my long winded explanation. I do anything and everything! Sometimes I am taking out trash or cleaning up after a meeting, other times I am running reports and planning company events, maybe sending out purchases from Club Red, really just working on whatever is needed. Then they might say, you went to college to take out trash? I carefully respond, no, I went to college so I could have a great job and I DO! I work with the most driven people I have ever met, they are truly wonderful. The last question, and my favorite question always comes next…”Are they hiring?”

Bridgette Rutz

CBH Homes

Assistant to Holly Haener

Director of Sales & Marketing