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Prepping for Irrigation – What You Need to Know

Prepping for Irrigation Water +
What You Need to Know

While exact dates haven’t been released, we’re here to help answer some questions:


  • Is CBH in charge of the irrigation water?
    No, irrigation is provided by irrigation districts and private irrigation companies which are entities that own water rights and distribute water.
  • Are we still in a drought this year?
    Yes, while CBH has no control over irrigation water, we have heard reports of drought conditions for this year.
  • What does 5 Star Mark say about irrigation?
    Watch his latest video here.
  • Who do I contact regarding irrigation information and start date?
    Your HOA/Property Management Company is the best point of contact to find any updates.
  • How do I know which irrigation district I’m in?
    Click here.
  • I have sod installed but irrigation isn’t on yet. How do I water it?
    If you have NEW SOD installed, you will need to keep the sod’s roots moist (without creating puddles) until it can root. It can dry quickly in warm weather and needs to stay consistently moist. Once you can’t pull the sod up in sheets, you can turn down the frequency of your hand watering but keep an eye on things until irrigation comes on.
    Skip forward to 2:45 in this video (here) for more info from Mark Enger, Customer Care Superintendent.
  • Irrigation is on, now what?
    Go here to find step by step instructions.
  • How do I set my sprinkler clock?
    Watch this video here.


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