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How to Turn Your Irrigation On


STEP 1: Find your irrigation key.

Grab a flashlight & look at the shape of your irrigation valve. This will either be a Star Shape or a Minus Shape. These tools can be purchased at Home Depot (click the photos to view at Home Depot), Lowes or any hardware store!

Minus Sign / Steel Curb Key

Star Shape / Sprinkler Valve Key

STEP 2: Find your irrigation turn on valve.

Most of the time it will be located in the backyard. Typically it’s a green pipe with a white cap, usually next to your green irrigation/sprinkler boxes.

STEP 3: Place the key down in the irrigation valve. 

You should feel a little tension when turning.

Helpful tip: Use a flashlight to see the orientation of the switch.
Turn it to the LEFT (counter clockwise) = ON
Turn it to the RIGHT (clockwise) = OFF

STEP 4: Turn on the valve to the sprinklers.

Turn the red handle to where it is in line with the pipe.

STEP 5: You’re ready for sprinklers!