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November is the Best Month to Buy and Sell!

November selling and buying

We stumbled across an article on that made a very convincing argument about why November is the best month to sell your old home and buy a new one! Here’s an overview of what they said:

1. More Motivation

The busy season is over – buyers entering the market now have less traditional constraints than buyers looking in the spring and summer.

2. Less Competition

Many sellers pull their houses off the market during this time causing buyers to wait until winter is over – it is your advantage to get involved in the market NOW!

3. Tax Benefits

“Buyers looking to lower their taxes may snatch up a home late in the year so they can deduct home purchase costs. That includes points, interest and property taxes.”

Read more here:


As if you needed any more convincing, we wanted to add 1 more reason:

4. Awesome Promos!

Until 11/30 all CBH Homes spec and build jobs receive up to $5,000* in the Design Studio! Read all the details: here!