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It’s time to start packing – quick tips for a hassle free move.

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It’s time to start packing! 

Moving to a shiny, new, awesome CBH home is a big deal and we want to make it as seamless as possible. You’re been through our sales process, you’ve toured the Design Studio, you’ve been patiently waiting, and NOW the time has arrived for you to pack up and move into your dream home.

Housecall came up with a great list of tips for making your move easier and we could not wait another moment to share it with you. While we’ve condensed it down for you, click here to swing over and check out the full details.

  1. Find Freebies by searching craigslist or for moving boxes or containers to help your packing needs
  2. Pack your belongings with the unpacking mindset – pack the kitchen first and unpack the bedroom first, leaving the kitchen for last.
  3. Use color duct tape to color code boxes depending on the room they go to for each unpacking.
  4. Keep your clothes on hangers and cover with a black garage bag to save having to re-hang clothes
  5. Keep your mattresses clean by covering in older fitted sheets
  6. Wrap small-scale furniture in heavy duty plastic wrap vs. emptying all the drawers
  7. Tape screws and other smaller parts to furniture to the bottom of big pieces in ziplock bags
  8. Use socks to fill dead space in boxes (like breakables) to prevent damage
  9. Even out the weight in the moving truck with big, heavy items on both sides
  10. Be aware of gravity and place furniture with drawers toward the side to prevent spilling, and use tie-downs when necessary

That’s the quick scoop on just 10 easy ways to make packing and moving hassle-free.

We’re so excited for you to join the CBH family. If you have any other tips and tricks to share, swing over to our social media pages and tell us your favorite packing tip!


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