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Hello, easy street. Avoid the surprises of used homes today.

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Get a shiny, new, awesome CBH Home today and avoid the SURPRISES of used homes.

A Shiny New Awesome home comes with great customer care, homeowner tips,
and a warranty program.

Hello, easy street.

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It’s never too late to hop on the shiny, new, awesome bandwagon. And while we never miss a laugh with our fun video series, we hope you’re as entertained and enlightened about the advantages of buying a shiny, new CBH home, and the disadvantages of buying a used home. Click the button below to watch our whole series of videos.


With an older home, often the charm is quickly lost once you calculate the maintenance, and clean-up. So know what you’re getting into by doing a little “in-depth” investigative research right now.

Then come back and let us help you find your dream home.