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Get up – STAND UP!


Do you sit while you work? How many hours throughout the day are you sitting – 4 hours, 6 hours, maybe even 8 hours?!

One person, a few years ago started a movement here at CBH… or maybe more of a STANDMENT! Articles started popping up about the benefits of standing while you work and we quickly hopped on the band wagon and haven’t looked back! Nearly 80% of the CBH Office has converted to a standing desk.

Here’s the why:


You’re SUPER FAST! Think about it, no hassle of getting out of your chair. If you need to walk to the printer, BOOM you’re there. Quick someone needs help, BAM you’re up and ready. It’s efficient and keeps you on your toes!





You’re more inviting. Imagine being greeted by someone who’s sitting versus someone who’s standing – who is more welcoming? Stand up and say hello to your fellow coworkers, customers & don’t forget the SMILE.




The why you’ve been waiting for… it’s GOOD for you! Standing relieves stress on your lower back, improves circulation, and BURNS MORE CALORIES! Did you know that sitting for long periods of time can decrease the activity of the enzyme that burns fat, decreases bone mineral density and increases blood pressure. Read this article here ‘How Sitting Too Much Is Making Us Sick and Fat’ to see why we need to stand!



Cut the excuses for why you don’t want to stand. Just remember these things:

  • You can still have a stool to rest your rear.
  • Ladies – ever heard of flip-thirty? Have a backup flip flop stash to change out of your heels while standing.
  • Where do I find these cool digs? These are what we rock , but they can be spendy so check Ikea, Target, or Walmart to see if you can find one for a steal!
  • Number one rule – MAKE IT FIT YOU! You want it to be comfortable to type and work at, make sure it’s the right height (click here to see how to measure)! Even your monitor can make a difference, if it’s too low, raise it with some fun books!

Are you ready to start a trend at your office? We’ve got your back – call us if you need help!

It’s time to GET UP and STAND UP!

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