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September Sub Luv Winner… DRUM ROLL!



Congrats to our September Sub Luv Winner…

Mario Barcelo

Mario Barcelo, Boise Concrete

Mario Barcelo with Boise Concrete is always spot on, he communicates very well.  If I need him, there isn’t any questions or excuses. He gets it done and with a great attitude. He appreciates us just as much as we value him. When Mario has an emergency that may delay him from getting to me, he calls to let me know before I call him. He goes to warranty calls on homes he didn’t even do and never complains. Best way to say it, Boise Concrete is an example everyone should follow.”  

– Craig Hatcher, CBH Homes Superintendent

As subcontractor of the month, you go above and beyond and totally crush it! Please enjoy lunch on us this month.

Thank you for making CBH Homes shiny, new, and awesome.

Sub what? SUB LUV – that’s right, we want to give mad props to our subcontractors who are really killing it!

Want bragging rights for the next month? Here’s how:

  • You must do more than expected.
  • You must be current and quick to respond to your warranty claims.
  • You must create raving fans of CBH Homes teammates, your employees, & CBH Homeowners.