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>Having worked for two national homebuilders before working for CBH Homes, my list of must haves in our first home were long and all equally important. Top of our list were affordability, great location, superior quality, livable floorplan design, and unique exterior and interior style enhancements. In today’s market, it wasn’t hard for us to find a home with one out of our five “must-haves”…the tricky part was finding a homebuilder that saw the importance in providing all five.

Lucky for us, CBH Homes knocked it out of the park and offered all we were looking for in a home. The cherry on top of our delightful, affordable homebuying sundae is the comment we keep hearing over and over. “This is your first home? Wow! It doesn’t look anything like the typical first-time home.”

And that is the key. Buyers in today’s market don’t have to settle for less. Your dream home does exist at a price you can afford. Believe me, I speak whole heartedly from experience. Our first home far surpasses any image or idea of what we thought we could afford to own. All I can recommend is to make a list of what is important to you in a home and go out and search for it. We did and couldn’t be happier!

Michelle Budell
CBH Marketing Manager