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If there’s one thing we love at CBH, it’s music! (We even have our own Playlist.) Combine our love of music with our fearless drive to develop innovative ideas and you get one crazy Guitar Hero tournament!

In the process of organizing the grand opening of our new Meridian Square One location, we took advantage of the opportunity to be creative with how we could, 1) provide entertainment at the grand opening, and 2) grab people’s attention in a world where different messages and offers are being thrown at them everywhere they look. It’s a struggle sometimes to stand out from the crowd, and in today’s real estate market it is even more important to do so. With that, we simply couldn’t resist holding the first-ever CBH Guitar Hero tourney.

We had 75 contestants throughout the weekend that jammed to everything from Alice Cooper to Led Zeppelin. And in between the contest and rock music we managed to tour customers and Realtors around our new Square One location to see all the fun new tools we’ve added to the home shopping experience. Check out some photos here.

Our proud Guitar Hero winner was Kyle Randolph from Kuna. Kyle is now the proud owner of a brand new Wii system! Congrats Kyle! Keep on rockin’ on!

Stay tuned… We just might do it again!!