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>Deal of a Lifetime


As you’ve probably heard by now, this weekend we’re offering the DEAL OF A LIFETIME on 200 new homes throughout the Treasure Valley! The deal: save up to $70,000 on a new home! It’s a fantastic opportunity that’s only going on this weekend. So if people have been waiting for the right time to buy, honestly, this is probably the time.

It’s exciting to be home buyer now. As Ed Byington, President of the Nampa Board of Realtors stated earlier this week, “there are some bargains right now that are unprecedented.” We love reading this since the purpose of our DEAL OF A LIFETIME is to simply spark new homes sales across the Treasure Valley. Potential buyers are the ones who gain and we’re excited to get more people into new homes.

At any given time, CBH typically has about 500 homes available to buy. Right now we have 400, with another 500 to 700 under construction. It’s our goal to move out 200 by Sunday night. We’re excited!

Our Sales Centers will stay open later than normal this weekend (until 9pm on Friday and Saturday) so swing on by or tell someone who’s in the market for a new home to look at our available inventory. After all, it’s hard to beat the DEAL OF A LIFETIME!