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Customer Care & Service Team | New Features!

Our Customer Care & Service Team is exactly what they call themselves – they are here to support our homeowners!

They can be contacted through a handful of ways to keep it easy for you.


We have updated our phones so you can now directly call our Customer Care & Service team without all of the hubbub of going through one person, to get to the next, to reach them.

Their new direct line is 208-953-2217 – give ’em a call!


We get it, sometimes talking to someone on the phone can be scary. That’s why we created a chat! Have a question? Jump on chat!


This day in age, everything is digital. Any homeowners out there that need us to get ‘eyes on it’? No problem! You can schedule a Virtual Appointment and the team will take a look prior to determining if they need to make a visit to your home.


Owning a new home brings lots of questions. That’s why we’ve created a library full of tips and tricks for solving the most common maintenance questions.

You might be surprised at the info you find HERE. 


Homeowners will still need to log in to their account to submit a warranty claim. Similar to our Maintenance Page, we’ve gathered our top most commonly asked questions and provided solutions for you here.

Our team is here for you, so use them! That’s why we created easy ways for you to get in touch.