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20,000 Homeowners & Counting | A Message from Corey Barton

As we put a bow on our over 20,000 homeowner celebrations and give-a-ways, Corey Barton wanted to personally reach out to our homeowners and say thank you.

Our hearts are full.

February 20th, CBH kicked off celebrating 20,000 happy homeowners (and counting)! What started as just simple videos and social posts asking for their stories, grew into a movement of love.

For 20 days, CBH asked for homeowners to post something about their home, in turn, they’d be entered to win $100 Home Depot gift card. Here’s a short snip of our favorite comments:

“We’re probably one of your newest CBH Homeowners 🎉 we never thought in a million years we would be able to buy a brand new home, but CBH made it a reality! We love our new Mica and can’t wait to raise our son in our dream home 🎉” – Melissa W.

“I chose CBH Homes because my parents bought from them first. They had a great experience. I picked out my home and toured it online. I only had to fly in once to actually see the home and all paperwork was completed over the computer. CBH Homes made it so easy.” – Christine V.

“We out grew our first CBH home and decided to build a new one with CBH in our same neighborhood we love our home so much!” – Reed L.


With the hundreds of comments coming in, we knew we couldn’t stop at the $100 Home Depot Gift Cards so, cue the music, ’cause here is our last hurrah.

CBH took all of the participants in our social contests and randomly selected 20 lucky CBH homeowners to receive a party box with an EXTRA SPECIAL gift inside. $1,000 gift certificate to upgrade their home. Whether it was landscaping, a Home Depot Shopping Spree, new appliances, blinds and more.

With the recent events of COVID-19 and our community nearly shutting down, CBH almost postponed the celebration but we knew, that Team CBH and our homeowners needed it now more than ever. We threw on our gloves and started to doorbell ditch homeowners leaving them a little surprise on the doorstep.


The Teucher Family took us on a little tour of what the $1,000 did for them, let’s watch:


Here’s to you.

Congrats to the families who walked away with Home Depot gift cards.

Congrats to those who got a $1,000 towards upgrades on their homes!

Corey Barton says it best, “Our homeowners are why we LOVE what we do. Without them, we couldn’t continually give and support this community,”

Keep on loving.

Continue the journey and watch more videos, employee testimonials and more here:

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