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CBH Total Care Package!

Just when you thought your shiny, new, awesome CBH Home couldn’t be MORE complete, time to checkout our newest gift to tell you how much we LOVE you!

If you’ve recently closed a CBH Home or are about to, get excited! You’ll be receiving this in the mail about 30 days after you close:

The CBH Total Care Package

Total Care package

The Six-Way Tool

Including 4 screwdrivers, a level, AND flashlight!

image (1)

The Tape Measure

Always handy to have on hand!image

The Friendly Reminders

Pointing our homeowners in the right direction & helping with questions from where to find tips & tricks, how to receive $500, and keeping in touch with CBH Homes!

image (3)

We sincerely thank and appreciate our over 15,000 homeowners STRONG & COUNTING! Here’s to you and keeping your home shiny, new, and AWESOME!

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