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June 2016 Tip Tuesday!

Just in case you missed any of last month’s Tip Tuesdays, no worries – we’ve got your back!


Tim & Brett’s Healthy Homeowner Tips!

::June 2016::

TODAY’S TIP TUESDAY: Have you or your cat’s been hanging on the window screen at home creating the dreaded torn screen? Try this $1 quick fix!  See more homeowner tips at

Tip Tuesday 6.7.

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Here are the Tip Tuesday tips from the past month:

  • May 10 – Is your garage starting to get cluttered? Now is a great time to dig through your treasures and sign up for the annual CBH Community Garage Sale Bonanza – Saturday, May 16th
  • May 17 – Love your new home but not in love with the scratches or stains that have appeared from use on your countertops? Check out this article on how to repair your kitchen counters and make them beautiful again!
  • May 24 – Has your wood floor gotten too much ‘love’ over the years? This article gives a step by step tutorial on how to camouflage them and make your floor pretty again!
  • May 31 – Check out this super helpful guide for 12 Causes and Cures for Common Home Maintenance Problems! Which Cause and Cure is new to you?

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