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CBH Homes November Tip Tuesday | CBH Homes

CBH Homes November Tip Tuesday

Image of Jammie Ruelas (Warranty Care Specialist) and Dana McCarter (Warranty Superintendent) with image text saying "meet your warranty team"

Howdy, y’all!

Are you ready to keep your home in tip top shape? We want to help keep you home shiny, new, and awesome, which is why your November Tip Tuesday recap is here! Today we’re sharing how to restart your water heater – Click here
or on the image below!

 Your Warranty Team, Jammie and Dana
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 Have you heard about Tip Tuesdays? Here’s how to get in the know – follow us on Facebook to ensure your home stays in tip-top shape. Every Tuesday you’ll find a new tip from Jammie and Dana with our Warranty Team.
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