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2016 Third Quarter Top Sales Center | CBH Homes

Let’s hear it for the 2016 Third Quarter Top Sales Center!

We counted, we tallied, and the results are IN!

Drum roll please… and GIVE IT UP for the Third Quarter Top CBH Sales Center:


2016 CBH Third Quarter Top Sales Center

What does it mean to be a 2016 Third Quarter Top Sales Center?

We tally and track for 5 different categories:

  • Traffic Goal
  • Sales Goal
  • Inside Sales Goal
  • Traffic Conversion
  • Online Sales Conversion

Numbers are great but a Top Sales Center is so much more than that. Here’s how Team North Meridian took the third quarter by storm:

The dynamic between Team North Meridian is like no other. They play well on each other’s strengths and are constantly looking to how they can do better. Masters in communication and customer service, they are there to serve their buyers and Realtors. Always checking in with each other to ensure they are staying on track, reaching their goals, loving on everyone, and really enjoying life!

Meet the BEAUTIFUL & SMART North Meridian Team:

Teschia Tucakovic 2016 Third Quarter Top Sales CenterTeschia ‘Passionate & Caffeinated’ Tucakovic – Sales Coach

Teschia has a huge obsession with gardening, plants of all kinds, animals, and winning. Recently married, she and her husband have three fur babies – two Rottweilers and a new baby kitten. Her passion for winning may have came from her soccer days where she played at Boise State University, one thing is for sure you can find her on the winning side. Recently nominated as President Elect of the Women’s Council of Realtors Boise City Chapter, this creative solution finder will win you over with her can-do attitude and ability to find your dream home whether you were looking for one or not.

Christy ‘Namaste’ Hymas– Sales SpecialistChristy Hymas 2016 Third Quarter Top Sales Center

Christy is a North Meridian native. She has grown up in the area and appreciates all Treasure Valley has to offer. When Christy is not in the office, you can find her hanging with her beautiful dog and husband, enjoying live music and our personal favorite changing the world, one yoga class at a time. Look familiar, yes, she’s a local hot yoga instructor! Let her calming demeanor find you the home of your dreams, introduce you to your soul-mate, and invite you to a BBQ through the entire home-buying process.

Jodi Harada 2016 Third Quarter Top Sales Center
Jodi ‘Sunshine’ Harada – Sales Specialist

A Pocatello native, Jodi has lived in Meridian for 15 years and absolutely loves calling it home. When she isn’t selling real estate, catch her in the park or on the lake with her husband of 16 years and 3 beautiful children. Jodi and her family love spending their time water skiing, boating and enjoying the sun. When she’s not on the water or selling new homes, Jodi is teaching others how to lead healthy lives as a personal trainer. Did we mention she’s ripped?


Erin ‘Dance Machine’ McLaughlin – New Kid On The Blockerin-l-resized

We can’t forget to give some major love to the newest addition to Team Meridian, Erin. She’s been on the North Meridian Team for only a short few weeks and has already grabbed the baton and ran! This former Boise State University Cross Country runner is a bowl full of fun. Recently featured in the CBH Dance Party with her signature move, the sprinkler, she is spreading her fun, smiling, addictive personality with the CBH crew.

Go stop by their office, give ’em ring, or a hug from a far, just be sure to tell them – YOU ROCK!

Congrats Team North Meridian!

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