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CBH has TWO NEW COMMUNITIES – Check em’ out here!

A new community is like music to our ears here at CBH Homes. We’ve got a handful around the Treasure Valley, okay maybe a little more than a handful, (64 to be exact) but there’s something about a brand new community that makes us feel all sorts of shiny, new, and awesome.

Say hello to New Community #1….


Roundtree Place is just a 10 minute drive to the Village in Meridian to fill all of your shopping and dinner date needs. It’s also walking distance to Peregrine Elementary. Hello, perfect new community for families!

Why do we love Roundtree Place? It’s a small, quaint community, making it feel like home the second you drive in. It’s tucked in at the end of Linder so there’s not a lot of traffic. There is even a small park you can walk to with your kiddos or pup! One more bonus… You would possibly get to live on Flintstone Ave. How fun is that for the kids?

Hurry and check it out! There are currently THREE available floor plans! The Arden, Coral, and, (one of our favorites) Tatom!

We know, we know, choosing the right community for you and your family is tough! There are so many different options in so many different places. If you’re more into the idea of living in Nampa…

Say Hello to New Community #2….

CBH Homes New Community. Nampa, Idaho

Meriwether Park is located right off the freeway at Franklin Rd and it has direct access to Cherry Lane. Not sure if you want to shop in Nampa or Meridian? No worries, it’s close enough to both! Bonus Perk- It’s located just a little over a mile away from East Canyon Elementary School. We’re always keeping you and your families in mind.

Meriwether Park has 8 available floor plans. The Lansing, Kincaid, Westover, Northern, Glenlake, Marin, Sundance, and Prescott.

We hope these two new communities aid you in your new home search. Curious about the other 62? We’re here to help! Head to a Sales Center today. We have 5 located across the Treasure Valley and are ready to do the work for you to find your *perfect home*.

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