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CBH Digital Earnest Money

CBH is so excited to officially offer a Digital Earnest Money option for buyers!

Say goodbye to writing checks and hello to paying Earnest Money from your phone.

As always, CBH is here to make things as simple and easy as possible. We have partnered with Earnnest, the #1 Digital Earnest Money platform in the US. 

Due to COVID-19, we are only allowing Digital Earnest Money option at this time. If your buyer does not want to use Digital Earnest Money, the only other option is dropping off a check at our main office, not the Sales Center.
If your client chooses Electronic Payment, the buyer will be sent a link to their email with instructions on how to submit payment shortly after acceptance and commitment.
NOTE: While it is a CBH employee manually sending the link, it will actually not come from a CBH email address. The email will be coming from
If your buyer struggles to find the email & link, here are a few things to check before reaching out to CBH:
  • Double check the email address?
  • Is the phone number  correct and is it a cell phone that receives text messages?
  • Did they check their email for an email from Earnnest, not CBH?
  • For security reasons, the link will only go to the buyer and it will not be sent to anyone else.
  • The buyer will have to log in to their bank account similar to how they would log on to their online banking platform.
  • Once payment has been submitted, receipts will be loaded into Dotloop for you!
 Here’s some extra helpful information for you!
  • It is NOT a wire transfer.
  • It is 100% safe – banking information is not stored or seen by any party involved.
  • It’s a fast and simple process.
  • It’s beneficial to Real Estate Agents and CBH for its convenience.
  • Neither Earnnest or CBH sees or stores any of the buyers banking information.
  • Earnnest is exactly like using Venmo or CashApp!
  • Is the buyer struggling to find their bank in Earnnest? No problem – just link with account numbers. The same information that is on a check. Instructions on how to add manually are here.

Click here for more information on CBH Homes Digital Earnest Money.
Have more questions? Please reach out to your CBH Sales Specialist.