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>Bold, Beautiful, Box?

>I have been very lucky in that during my 14 years of designing homes in the Valley. I have been able to design some very unique and unusual homes. They have ranged from smaller entry level homes to multi-million dollar estates-from the simple to the complex. One thing that I can say with certainty is that you do not have to spend a million dollars to have a cool and unique home. Take a stroll through the North End in Boise or some of the older areas in Nampa and Caldwell. You will find homes are simple, graceful and unique. Strip away the paint and some of the simple details, and they are basic in shape and form, boxes. One of my favorite things that I do when looking for inspiration is to look through the Sears Archives where you will find homes that Sears sold through their catalogue. They are unique-dare I say cute, yet very similar. Small simple details give richness to what would be described as a boxy floor plan and elevation. Material changes, window placement, and most importantly color can change something from simple to BOLD and add uniqueness to something that, on paper, would normally be judged ho-hum.

Homes located in downtown Boise; very simple yet very unique.

The Alturas 1209, designed for our alley load garage home sites, was created with simplicity of shape to make it affordable but at the same time we wanted to create something that was rich, bold and unique

The Alturas 1209 that is being built in these CBH Communities; Peppertree, Devonshire, Bridgeview, and Chesterfield.

On paper it is a simple home, but with a few details and some color selected from our Design Studio (we have over 100 color combination choices; I counted them) we have a home that would stand out in a crowd; different even when built next to one another. They can be as unique as the individuals that choose to live in them. Always look at what you can add to your home no matter how simple, small or large it may be. That is what is really cool about CBH Homes; we let you add you, we want you to.

LIVE (to be bold)
LIVE (for colors)
LIVE (for simple coolness)

Mark Waldorf
CBH Designer