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Be a Laborer of Love.

Are you a laborer of love?



If you haven’t heard, CBH Homes along with Habitat for Humanity and many other subcontractors, sponsors, volunteers, and cheerleaders put on our Laborer of Love tees and built a home for the Archuleta Family in 2 days. Less than 24 construction hours. It was quite the rush but our hearts are overflowing with joy and gratitude to see the difference we’re making in this family’s life. The feeling is like no other.

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Why would we not share this experience and give everyone a shot to be a Laborer of Love?

This is where you come in. We’re challenging you. We want to see how you are giving back and becoming a Laborer of Love.

We’ve got a Laborer of Love t-shirt that has your name on it if you show us how you’re being a Laborer of Love.

Here’s how it works:

  • Tag @CBHHomes in a Facebook or Twitter post
  • Don’t forget to add #LaborerofLove
  • Tell or show us how you are being Laborer of Love.
  • We’ll mail you your new Laborer of Love t-shirt.



“I mowed my elderly neighbors lawn.”

“I donated to the Boise Youth Ranch.”

“I helped a friend through a hard time.”

It’s simple. It helps. And together we can make a difference.


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