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We’ll see your five days, and raise you two!


We want to raise the bar during this Blitz Build. Raise the bar for donations. Raise the bar for volunteers. But most importantly, we want to raise the bar for ourselves. 

When we first took this on – we thought, yup, five days, we’re golden. But why? Why would we not challenge ourselves? We’ve built a home in five days before – it’s time we test our skills.

We brought in our best superintendents and all of the expert subcontractors to come up with a fool proof, two day, construction schedule.

You may be questioning, “is that safe”? Never fear, we will be taking all the necessary precautions and steps as we would in our typical three month build. With all the new and improved technologies, it’s a matter of taking your typical horizontal build schedule and flipping it vertically. The subcontractors will work two and sometimes even three at a time, allowing us to breeze through the schedule.

You won’t want to miss this. Starting early morning June 8th we’ll be putting on the hard hats and launching into this two day build.

Come see if we’re going to make it – the countdown is on.