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2015 Homeowner Resolutions!

2015 Homeowner Resolutions

Happy New Year Homeowners! We hope 2014 was filled with lots of love, fun, and happiness. As you look towards the new year and think about resolutions you’d like to make for yourself, don’t forget to include the place you begin and end everyday – your home! Here’s a list of five achievable resolutions every homeowner should keep for 2015 and many years to come.

1.    Stick to a weekly cleaning & inspection schedule.

  • A happy home is a clean home! Create a cleaning schedule that touches each part of your home, monthly. Not only will it keep your home feeling like new, this will keep you familiarized with your home and aware of any changes that may arise. This checklist might help you: CBH Homeowner Yearly Checklist.

2.    Check carbon monoxide, smoke detectors, & change furnace filters monthly.

  • This is crucial to not only keeping your home safe, but also keeping you and your loved ones safe as well.

3.    Be more energy efficient!

  • The best place to begin taking care of the environment is at home! Here’s a few simple changes: unplug smaller appliances (i.e. coffee maker, blender) and chargers, turn down heater and air conditioning, and replace fluorescent light bulbs with CFLs or LEDs.

4.    Have a healthy lawn & garden.

  • There are many common issues homeowners run into with their landscaping that are preventable! Simple changes like adjusting sprinklers, adapting your sprinkler schedule, and maintaining the sprinkler filter can make major changes to how lush and green your lawn is. Check out our landscaping videos for tips and how-tos:

5.    Learn one new homeowner maintenance skill.

  • Save money and improve your brain – learn how to properly drain your water heater, caulk a window, or clean your dryer exhaust.


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