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YMCA New Health Center


It’s new.

It’s healthy.

It’s enhancing our community.

It’s the Treasure Valley Family YMCA Healthy Living Center!

The Healthy Living Center has made it their mission to provide the Treasure Valley community with prevention, rehab, and lifestyle change support in the areas of:

  • Weight Loss & Lifestyle Support
  • Arthritis & Joint Health
  • Neurological & Cardiac Rehab
  • Cancer Survivorship

We attended the ribbon cutting along with many other citizens of the community – and LOVED what we heard.

Their motto, come and have FUN! Learn, be active, and become fit as a result. With over 250,000 visitors at the Treasure Valley YMCA facilities in one month it’s clear that this is a needed facility and will be the home base for programs in the Treasure Valley and across the state.

These programs are more than just a ‘how to’. They are a helping hand and a prevention center. Whether it’s for cancer, diabetes, arthritis, or simply wellness coaching, the center is open to everyone and all ages. Which program will you choose?


We congratulate, thank, and are so excited to have such a facility offered in the community! Thank you YMCA for making the Treasure Valley a better place!

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