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CBH Homes votes YES to W.A.R.D. aquatic centers.


Join CBH Homes this November in voting YES to the two W.A.R.D aquatic centers!

The City of Meridian has been topping the charts and making some serious moves recently. From fastest growing city, safest city, to best place to live by Money Magazine, Meridian is growing and growing fast. You may find it surprising to hear, that there is no indoor aquatic center for the entire area.

Meridian citizens, no need to fear, the city is hear to answer your call! Join us in supporting W.A.R.D., two, year-round, public indoor aquatic centers for both North and South Meridianward_social_button


These centers are a part of something bigger. Families and children will now have greater health and recreation opportunities. Furthermore, the economic value added by the centers are tremendous, and are coming at a low cost to taxpayers. Lastly, the land for the aquatic centers is donated. Yes, donated! Read more reasons why to vote yes by clicking here.




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We’re in this pool together.

Our city needs our votes, and we’re here to say YES!