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Why You Should Attend a CBH Event!

Why You Should Attend a CBH Event!

It’s no secret, that here at CBH, we LOVE events & we love when you attend our events. The BIG question of the hour is WHY attend a CBH Event? What’s in it for you?

Great question – we are going to dive in and tell you why!


We might be a little biased but our swag is OUT OF THIS WORLD COOL. Every CBH event will have some sort of swag because we just love giving it out. We’ve done decorated cookies, Yeti buckets, candles, t-shirts & much more!


Can you beat the Rusty Dog? I think NOT!! We always try and have the best of the best when it comes to our events & we love supporting local. Food trucks, local caterers & local coffee shops are our jam.

Some of our favs are The Rusty Dog (of course!), Tango’s Empanadas, Push & Pour Coffee, & Horsewood Catering. We have many more but those are just a few!

3. Activities for the entire family.

What’s fun got to do with it? EVERYTHING! We want you and your entire family to have the best time at our event so we always make sure to have some great activities for you!

4. Tons of Information on your future home or current home!

Of course, we have to throw in CBH information. Want to tour a home and ask our Sales Specialists some questions? We got you! Want more info on buying a home online? We for sure got you! Want to find your perfect floor plan? We 100% got you!

5. Community Friendly!

We love promoting the areas our communities are in (which is the entire Treasure Valley!) As mentioned above, we love supporting local. Check out our website to see what each city has to offer and hit us up if you ever need a recommendation on what to do! There’s so much the Treasure Valley has to offer.

Here are a few examples:

Live in Baraya and be close to Roaring Springs Water Park and Wahooz!

Find your dream home at Topaz Ranch and hit up Indian Creek Plaza!

Buy in Ledgestone and be close to so many golf courses!

Live in Trailside Place and be close to amazing restaurants in downtown!

6. If you are bored, it’s a fun free event!

Come on! It’s FREE with everything listed above 😉 Can’t wait to see you at the next event!

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