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Where do I start? | CBH Buyer’s Resource Guide

Whether you’re a first time home buyer or a repeater, buying a home can be stressful. First question, where do I start? Let’s ease some of the pain and get you going in the right direction with the CBH Buyer’s Resource Guide.

Where do I start? | CBH Buyer’s Resource Guide


Let’s start from the very beginning. First tip, ask for help! Sounds easy, right? You may be more inclined to want to online shop on your own (yes, we love it too) but we’ve hired professional helpers to help guide you. Okay, so we call them New Home Matchmakers, but this crew is a talented and very knowledgeable team that know areas, communities, price ranges, amenities and more.

They’re here for you. To help guide you on your search from location, what you really need in a home and to connect you with the right people. They’re going to ask a lot of questions and work to find that perfect home just for you. Text, email, call, or chat with them! They’re here for you! Text or call at 208-391-5545, or chat live on our website here!


The big question, BUDGET.

Let’s get the elephant out of the room and talk about budget. The “b” word. That scary thing you either have nailed down to a science or loosely like to follow. This is one of the most important questions asked when buying a home. If you have no idea, here’s where to start. Take the do you qualify quiz.

Do you qualify for a new home?

The CBH Quiz is a quick and easy way to find out what you qualify for. After answering a couple questions on credit score, price range, ideal monthly payment (it’s okay if you don’t know these!!), and your information, one of our lender partners will reach out to give you the details. Why find out if you qualify first? Let’s ensure this is a positive process. By that we mean, you want to look at all the biggest homes, the ones with all the bells & whistles but you may not qualify for that. Don’t let that get you down. Find what your budget is first, and start your home search within that.



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