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We’re not clucking around!


Why did the chicken cross the road? To go roost in the CBH Chicken Coop of course!

Yes, we’re not clucking around over here – CBH Homes is giving back at the 2015 Tour de Coop and Urban Garden Tour. Please excuse our chicken jokes – we just think they are SO EGGSELENT!

Okay – let’s cut the boks. Tour de Coop and Urban Garden Tour is a showcase of beautiful urban gardens and chicken coops throughout the Boise Valley all while raising money for The Bishop Kelly Scholarship Fund. Where does the CBH modern chicken bungalow come in? Get ready to shake those tail feathers…

The CBH Chicken Coop could be yours!

During the tour shenanigans with wine and h’orderves, purchase a $5 raffle ticket to get your shot at winning  this hipster coop. Buy tickets, see past photos, and find out more here

  • WhenSunday, September 20th
  • Location: CBH Chicken Coop – 2620 W. Idaho Street, Boise (corner of 27th and Idaho)
  • Time: 10am – 4pm
  • Who: Everyone
  • Cost: $10/single, $5/children 18 & under, $25/family of 4
  • Tickets sold at all 10 Treasure Valley Zamzows locations, Boise at Its Best Flowers, or online.

Checkout the current progress of the CBH Chicken Coop:


All the chicks will be flocking to this coop…


A HUGE thank you for all of the amazing sponsors who always have our backs!