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We LOVE what we do, do you?

Want to work with us? In case you’re wondering…


Do you love what you do? We do.

Are you ready to love your job? We mean REALLY love your job?

We’re busy here folks and we’re hiring but first we must ask you…


We’re not looking for just anybody. We want SUPERSTARS.

wordle 2You may find that our application process is daunting – don’t be surprised if you’re asked to:

  • Send in a video application. How brave are you? Are you willing to go out of your comfort zone for us? We want to know.
  • Complete multiple personality profiles. They’re fun and you’ll learn something about yourself!
  • CBH Questionnaire. They may seem long but this helps us get to know you!

Our tips for you:

  • Complete ALL steps in a timely manner – you bet we’re tracking how long it takes you to respond.
  • Read the directions, all of them – are you sending your answers in the correct format?
  • Follow up with a phone call or email – we may say we’ll contact you, but don’t hesitate to reach out to us! How bad do you want this job?
  • Like us on our Social Sites.
  • Sell us. Sell us on why we should pick you to join our kicka** team. We have applicants daily, what sets you apart? Don’t blend in, stand out!

Still interested?! Here are the CBH Family Members we need:

Assistant to the Director of Sales & Marketing
New Home Sales Chief Moving Officer (Specialist)
Residential Designer & Drafter
Cabinet Delivery & Warehouse Handler
Twin Falls Construction Detail Person
CBH Construction Detail Person
Framing Subcontractors

Click here to read their descriptions. 

Or take the plunge and apply now!

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