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TSheets = TRiffic

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Payroll time for our HR department was not the best… we often had cases of the ‘I forgots’.

You know the, ‘I forgot to clock in’ and ‘I forgot to clock out’ emails? When you get up to 70 employees running off of time cards, this can be daunting and a very time consuming process.

We here at CBH firmly believe in finding the best possible processes… which led us to say goodbye to time cards, old clock-in machines, and HR H*LL.

And say HELLO to TSheets.

Welcome to a new way to track time! We’re talking clock in/out app, employees seeing their hours, and managers approving time with a click of a button.

Here’s why we LOVE TSheets:

  • Easy for HR to process payroll
  • Empowers employees to manage their time and hours
  • Quick and easy payroll reports
  • Ability for employees clock in/out from any location
  • Easy setup and training for employees and managers
  • They’re an AMAZING team to work with

T Sheet Page

Seriously, look how cute they are! We got this in the mail a week ago…

T Sheet card

We’re not the only one’s who agree – the Idaho Statesman recently shed some light on their awesomeness.  TSheets is an international company based in Eagle, Idaho (give it up for the locals) and have been killing it! Get this, they just received a $15 million investment to expand! You know what that means, they’re creating jobs right here in the Treasure Valley. Read the whole article here.

We must give a huge shout out to TSheets for making our lives easier and bringing such an amazing company into the Treasure Valley.

They’ve changed the way we run things around here – giving us more time for fun. They’re right, we’re in our happy place!