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Troubleshoot Your AC Unit | Tip Tuesday

Is your home starting to heat up? Here are quick & simple steps to troubleshoot your AC unit and get it back up & running.

How to troubleshoot your AC.

If your AC isn’t opperational, start here to check it out.

Step 1: Set the thermostat to “cool”. If it’s on heat or on off, it’s not going to turn your AC on. If your display is blank, that’s a good clue that your display doesn’t have power.
Step 2: Check your furnace filter. When the furnance filter hasn’t been changed and is very dirty, it will cause the furnace to not work properly.
Step 3: Check breaker panel to ensure nothing has popped. When the breaker is popped or tripped,  this can cause your AC to not work.
Step 4: Check the actual Air Conditioning unit outside. Open the AC panel and check the breaker and/or service disconnect panel.

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