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Transitional Living Room Design with Amazon

Creating a Transitional Living Room Design with Amazon finds brought to you by our CBH Designers, Chelsea & Lisa!

Creating a Transitional Living Room Design

Hey Guys! CBH Designers here! We wanted to round up some beautiful Amazon home decor for y’all. We have found some gorgeous items on Amazon to create a transitional style design for your CBH living room. What is Transitional Style? Transitional style is a combination of traditional and contemporary furniture, finishes, and fabrics that equate to a classic & timeless design. We love the uniqueness of this style and think it brings a fun personality to a space!

cbh homes amazon find rug

Jolena Multi Black Vintage Rug 

 This is a great statement rug to ground the space of a design. The color combination is so fun! We love the black, cream, blue and rust coloring through-out the design.We will pull these colors in through other elements as well, such as art, pillows, and accent furniture. 

Slate Blue Velvet Accent Chair


No interior is complete without a gorgeous accent chair. Whether relaxing in the living room, sitting in front of a vanity or being a boss in the office, there’s a beautiful chair for every interior setting. We love that this velvet chair is soft and cozy while also providing a gorgeous element to the living room. We always look for items that are both comfortable and stylish! 


Black and Bronze Wall Sconce

Wall sconces look great hung over a bookcase or even over a picture gallery wall! They add a special touch to a design while providing additional lighting. Bonus!

Faux Leather Tray

                                             Such a gorgeous try to place on a side table, coffee table, or ottoman. Add a candle and coffee table books… and wallah!


Mid Century Modern Floor Lamp

Such a cute, modern lamp! This lamp would look amazeballs next to your accent chair or couch! 


Black/Cream Throw Pillows



Faux Leather with Cotton Pillow 


A throw pillow has the ability to awaken a tired living room or elevate the design of your bedroom simply by providing elements of color and texture. Swapping throw pillows can transform a room. We love that a group of new fabrics and colors can give a space a totally different feel. Here are some darling pillow options that would look great on their own or paired together! Both of them come in a set of 2!



                                       Gold Metal Gallery Wall Frames

Want a gallery wall but don’t want to spend hours looking for coordinating frames!? This is a great option!!

This set includes 7 matching frames for a gallery wall of your own! 


White/Gold Ashley End Table

This is such a fun design for an end table. We love that it brings a different texture and pattern to the space. 


Bookshelf/Shelving Accessories 

Below are a few fun decor items to dress up a table in the home or for styling bookshelves.  

Distressed Gold Metal Compote Bowl Aluminum Knot Sculpture

Wood Bead Garland

Obsidian Black Vase



Let’s talk paint & accent walls! 


No matter the overall style of a room, an accent wall can be a fun way to further enhance the design. It’s a great way to mix in additional colors or patterns to give the final touches on a space! Not only does an accent wall add depth and allow you to create a focal point, but it can also be a budget-friendly way to makeover a room. 

Accent walls are hot in the design industry today. New materials & patterns are being used to dress things up. The location and style of your accent wall is purely personal and can really make a space special & unique to your home. We love everything from a bold paint color, to shiplap, and even wallpaper. Here are a few of our favorite Sherwin Williams paint colors that would be lovely on an accent wall.