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Stop, Drop, & Roll | October Monthly Homeowner Tips | CBH Homes

Keep Your Home Safe in 2 Steps! 

Let’s learn how to Change the Battery in Your Smoke Detector

Here at CBH, we love your home as much as you do and want to ensure that you’re keeping your home in uppermost shape!

As always, we are here to help! Ready for the homeowner maintenance tips and tricks?

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Every Tuesday, we post a video on our latest tip. We are shaking it up this week with an article about 10 Minute House Repair and Home Maintenance Tips, on The Family Handyman.

According to The Family Handyman, you can get rid of those household headaches in 10 minutes or less. That’s right you heard us 10 minutes or less, and that’s why we had to share it with you.

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CBH Homes Homeowner Maintenance Tips

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