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Tim & Brett’s Spring Maintenance Tips


Tim & Brett’s Smart Home Tips!

:: April 2014 ::

Spring has sprung and we are starting to see the first buds and blooms. Check out what Tim & Brett want you to know about caring for your home this spring!

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Here are the Tip Tuesday tips from the past month:

  • March 3 – Daylight savings is this weekend! As we spring forward on our clocks, now is the perfect time to change our furnace filters and check smoke detectors. Check out our easy tip videos for instructions.
  • March 10 – Be sure to check the weather stripping and caulking around doors and windows as the weather begins to change. Replace and touch up as needed. Click here to view more.
  • March 17 – Now with the warmer temperatures and sunshine, it’s time to check out our gutters. Clean out any leaves and debris that may have gathered over the fall/winter. Don’t forget to make sure the downspout is directed away from the home for draining water.
  • March 24 – Ready to get your yard in tip top shape? Start by cleaning up all the old leaves and branches from along the fence line and in flowerbeds. Trim stray branches from trees and shrubs and make room for all the pretty new greenery as it begins to sprout.
  • March 31 – Are your windows looking a little dirty from the harsh winter weather and rain? It’s the perfect time to give them a good cleaning. Watch our great video on how to remove your windows and clean them like a boss.

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