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The Top 5 Teams of 2016 | CBH Homes

2016 has come to a close but there’s one last thing we must celebrate before we wrap the year up… let’s hear it for the Top 5 Teams of 2016!


The 2016 4th Quarter Top Sales Center cbh-homes-signature-4th-qtr-sales-center-2016


If you want to have a good time while buying your dream home, this is the crew to do it. Fun, beautiful, and oh so knowledgable about the process. Renee Baird, the South Canyon Sales Coach, has worked with CBH Homes for over 7 years and can walk you through the build job process with her eyes closed! Stacey Lozon, South Canyon Sales Assistant, might be newer to the CBH team but has experienced first hand what it’s like to build with CBH Homes, yes, she’s a homeowner! Stop by their office and grab an energy, they’re always stocked up.

The 2016 Top Sales Center


A top notch team, the North Meridian crew lives and breathes the CBH Love Wins theme. When asked how they were number 1, they’ll tell you, “start tracking and measuring every aspect of your business.  Don’t just let it happen.  Study traffic, appointments, follow up and conversion.  Look at your numbers everyday.  Figure out what needs to be done and then do it.”  Teschia Tucakovic, Christy Hymas, and Jodi Harada are the team that you want on your side. Their first priority is their client and finding them the home of their dreams. Stop by their Sales Office and give them a good a round of aplause.

Top 2016 Superintendents



Brian, Craig and Dan go above and beyond to build dreams each and every day. Not only that, they bring their love, hard work, energy to the team and are the top producers.  You’ll find them working closely with the sales team to ensure everyone’s on the same page and are their for the buyers every step of the way. We thank our stars each and every day to be able to have these 3 on the CBH team.

What does it mean to be a top team of 2016?

They are the best of the best! True, die-hard CBHers who know what it takes to be successful. Furthermore, they push to learn, grow and be better every day. They truly make CBH an amazing place. Hats off to them.

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