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>The Time to Buy is NOW!

The Time to Buy is Now!

There has been some great news on the building front and we are excited to share it all with you!

Builder Magazine recently published an article examining the housing market and with the help of the The Atlantic, have determined that now is the perfect time to buy!
Daniel Indiviglio explored the question on everyone’s mind … “is now the right time to buy a home?”

“In this kind of economy, we can’t be sure of much, but if you have a stable job and expect to live in the house for ten years or more, then the benefits of buying in the near-term appear to outweigh the costs at this time. Even if prices decline a little farther, rising interest rates could wipe away a big portion of your purchasing power if you wait. Stricter financing requirements could also make buying in the future tougher. Unless some really drastic economic shocks create a deep double dip recession, it’s hard to see how buying now could be a big mistake, if you’re in the right position to do so.”

To read the rest of Indiviglio’s article, click here.
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