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>The Tim & Brett Show: November Homeowner Tips


Check out what Tim & Brett want you to know about caring for your home!

Keep your home in tip-top shape with these simple homeowner maintenance items:

:: Have your sprinklers blown out & shut off.

:: Disconnect hoses from hose bibs.

:: Check weather stripping around doors & windows. Replace if needed. Caulk any gaps where openings meet siding & around inside of windows where they meet wood or sheetrock.

:: Check drainage around foundation, confirm that there is no pooling and that ground slopes away from home.

:: Clean out gutters and make sure they are draining properly.

:: Inspect roof from the ground and look for any missing shingles or loose vents. Hire a professional for repairs if needed.

We’ll continue to keep you updated every month with great homeowner tips and tricks from our amazing construction managers, Tim & Brett.