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The Three Squirrels are Taking Over the Treasure Valley!

Here at CBH Homes, we have a passion for reading, learning, growing and loving. Recently, one of our CBH team members and her sisters wrote an alphabet book about manners. They wanted all littles to know the importance of treating others with kindness, while learning to read. This book is called The Three Squirrels Alphabet Book about Manners! 

Three Squirrels Book of Manners

The Three Squirrels & CBH Homes are Teaming up to deliver Books across Southern Idaho!

CBH Homes loved the book SO much we decided to donate more than 5,000 books to local elementary schools that our CBH Homes feed in to!


CBH Homes employees at Iowa Elementary Authors of The Three Squirrels Alphabet Book of Manners
We’ve had so much fun visiting our new friends! Our favorite quotes about manners from the kinders so far have been:
“Manners are being nice”
“Manners are helping someone”
“Manners are giving hugs”
“Manners are loving them”




We’re so grateful!

We are so grateful for opportunity to bring happiness to so many kiddo’s across the valley, and for Steph Sorenson, one of the authors of the book and CBH employee!

We have delivered to 1,022 elementary school Kindergartners so far, so we have roughly 4,000 to go!!

If you would like to stay updated, check out our squirrel page on our website HERE!

Steph Sorenson, Author of The Three Squirrels Alphabet Book of Manners

We can’t wait to keep you updated on our squirrely journey.


CBH Homes

To download the Three Squirrels coloring packet, click HERE!