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The Latest Housing News!

Boise and the housing market have been making news once again as April closed and spring is in full bloom.

First, Boise made it into the Top 10 Markets for rising list prices.








The current median list price for Boise is $155,532, a rise of almost 20% from last year.

With the rising house costs, the market and buyers are seeing the return of bidding wars. “A new development is catching home buyers off guard as the spring sales season gets under way: Bidding wars are back!” CBH Homes has started to see this over the past few months with multiple buyers interested in the same house. The Wall Street Journal has a great article out right now about the buyer’s surprise at this latest turn of events. In a market where we have gotten so used to only one interested party, this may come to shock to those looking to buy, but is great news for the builders and sellers.

With the warmer weather approaching, we’re looking forward to the  growth of the housing market and the release of some great new product we can’t wait to share with you!