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Tara Kristensen wins the Leadership Award at the 2022 Pacific Northwest Admin Awards

Put your hands together and give it up for our very own Tara Kristensen, the Leadership Award winner!


Tara Kristensen, Personal Cheerleader to Vice President, Ronda Conger, won the Leadership Award at the Pacific Northwest Admin Awards last week!

The Leadership Award recognizes the Administrative Professional that best demonstrates multiple leadership qualities such as confidence, focus, integrity, innovation, patience, decisiveness, open-mindedness, empowerment, generosity, persistence, and a passion for helping fellow employees and their organization succeed.

We’re beyond proud of her and she deserves it. When Tara isn’t cheerleading Ronda, she’s helping assist in all areas of the company. She onboards new employees giving them her tips & tricks on how to be a PRO here along with a full background on CBH.

This year, Tara’s peers voted her as Be fun. Have Fun. Which is the person who not only works hard but has an insane amount of fun while doing it. She starts every meeting with what we call the Energy Dance. You can get a look into what that feels like here!


“Tara is a force to be reckoned with. We have done amazing, big things together and are just getting started. She is a leader, full of love, energy and so much passion. She makes so much possible for myself and the CBH Homes team.  We are beyond proud to recognize and celebrate Tara on such an amazing achievement.” said Ronda Conger, Vice President of CBH Homes.


Give it up for Tara and read more about the winners here