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Styling Your CBH Home

Do you need some help styling your CBH Home?

We asked our in house designer her favorite way to style a modern black and white kitchen and here is the advice we got.

Bringing an Organic Modern Look to a Black and White Kitchen

First, let’s take a look at the space we are working with!


Designer Styles

This home features a stunning black backsplash with matching black hardware. The white counters and cabinets can create a simple organic feel when styled with the right items!


Styling Guide

  • Start by adding neutral earthy tones, such as wood trays and bowls and bring in some texture.  Some great options for this are woven baskets or textured light pendants.
    Below are some fun ideas available at Home Depot:

  • Next you can layer an assortment of greenery in fun and interesting pots throughout the kitchen.
    For a natural organic look, be sure to choose plants of different colored greens or variegated plants.
    This will help the plants stand out against black backsplash or cabinets. These could be real plants, or fake!

Checkout this list on some great places to shop for plants real or faux:

– Home Depot
– Lowes
– Zamzows
– Local Plant/Nurseries & Floral Shops near you!



Checkout these inspiration photos are designer used:








  • Lastly, add in some unique styling elements. A few are favorites are cook book displays, cutting boards/platters and even some simplistic photos in a photo frame.


Here is how our designer styled our Harrison 2025 to make an organic modern look:



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