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Smart Summer Homeowner Tips from Tim & Brett.


Tim & Brett’s Smart Home Tips!

:: July 2015 ::

We have hit some record temps this summer, but we still have plenty of time to enjoy the heat, sun, and family vacations. Check out what Tim & Brett want you to know about caring for your home this month, staying cool, and keeping in tip top shape!

TODAY’S TIP TUESDAY: Summer is an exciting season. Beat the heat and become a homeowner master with this great summer checklist from our friends at –

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Here are the Tip Tuesday tips from the past month:

  • June 2 – We love clean homes! Did you know that laminate and other flooring types in your home need special care? Keep them clean and healthy using these simple tips recommended by the CBH Construction Team and our suppliers. –
  • June 9 – To keep your lawn green and lush, it is recommended that you mow your lawn on a higher setting and water in the mornings before the heat of the day. Don’t forget our friends at @Zamzows and their amazing lawn program –
  • June 16 – Have you noticed a boost in the growth of your trees and bushes? Why not give them another hair cut before it gets too hot out there? For other lawn care tips, visit our friend Brett in the How-To Video section of –
  • June 23 – Fun tip for the day. If you crush ice through your garbage disposal, it will help sharpen the blades. Add in some baking soda or citrus fruit rinds to freshen up the smell.
  • June 30 – Have you ever tried this trick? Test the tightness of your fridge door by closing the door on a dollar bill and see how easy it is to pull out. Now that’s pretty cool!

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